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Red Death Tea

Red Death Tea

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When the Curse of the Red Death calls you to battle, be prepared! Your victory is ensured with this almighty tea as your secret weapon against all woes surrounding moon-time misery.


*Roses, *Vitex, *Lady's Mantle, *Cinnamon, *Nettles, *Cleavers & *Crampbark.


60 g


Give the bag a gentle shake. Steep 1-2 tsp for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Always cover your tea when steeping to keep all of the “good stuff” in. For maximum benefits, you may even steep overnight and enjoy the next day as iced tea or rewarm for a soothing hot beverage. Sweeten if desired with honey or molasses. For deeper, long-term benefits, commit to drinking 3-4 cups daily.

Each bag contains a minimum of 60 teaspoons of loose herb.  

GG Tip:

As soon as you feel menstrual woes coming on, steep yourself a strong cup of this tea. I am always amazed at how lightning fast my cramping and general discomfort eases within minutes of drinking this magical blend.



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