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Here, all bodies are sacred bodies

And all women are Goddesses

Shea butter we feel great using

We are proud that our shea is sourced from a company that pays women in Africa a fair wage.

Handmade, quality batches

We are so proud that we have a few women making our potions and lotions by hand! Not only are we empowering women in our communities, they make each batch carefully so that you only ever buy the best!

Slip into dreamy skin safely

We use only the best for your skin, leaving out toxic dyes and synthetic fragrances.


I've bought, been gifted, and even got to make my products courtesy of Green Goddess and I'm absolutely IN LOVE! My son as well gets the opportunity to use all NATURAL products (diaper salve, baby powder, whipped baby shea butter, even a milk bath!) He smells delicious as well as is always moisturized and rash-free! Green Goddess has inspired me to begin searching for ways to make my own cleaners even! Thanks, GG!

Meghan Girard

I bought Liger balm at the Farmers Market in Peace River this past weekend and oh my gosh!! Amazing!! Works so much better than the tiger balm I was using! Usually if I apply tiger balm I have to reapply the next day as the pains don't go away.. and I applied the Liger Balm once!!! And I felt instant relief!! Did not need to reapply!! Amazing! Thank you!

Ashley Nicole Muller

For me the Green Goddess is the best. I will tell you why because every product she makes is researched and done with love with the good of people. I thank my lucky stars for having her in my life. I can not say enough good about her. She is a beautiful soul. Keep up the good work.

Suzanne Lambert