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Our Mission

To support and spread the concept that all women are radiant goddesses, all bodies are sacred, and we deserve products that reflect that.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

We believe in responsible choices and ethically sourced ingredients, that's why our shea butter comes from a women's cooperative in Africa that empowers women and their families by providing fair wages.

Naturally toxin and preservative free

The Green Goddess was born to create products that are safe to use on your entire family -- without having to worry about toxic ingredients.

Lovingly Handcrafted

Each of our products is lovingly handcrafted by a handful of amazing, local women. Every time you purchase one of our products, you are directly supporting a woman in small business.


I’ve been using [Goddess on Fire Cooling Mist] since it was first introduced. It’s cooling and very refreshing. Great to spritz on skin to cool off on a hot day or in the middle of the night to help get through a feverish hot flash.🔥 Highly recommend!


I received this [Herbal Diaper Salve] as a gift when we had our daughter and from the start I used it on her and its amazing. It spreads easily and I use it daily to keep the redness away.. I can instantly tell when I haven't been as diligent in applying it but after getting back to regular use all redness is gone. I do 95% cloth diapering and it works well with my cloth and washes out no problem.

Kelsey Girard

The only "down" side to this so far is the Lime & Coconut Deodorant makes me want to find a lawn chair near someone who will bring me Mojitos. I sometimes get a bit of irritation from it (my PH is super picky) but I just spritz a little apple cider vinegar on first and, Amazepits! I love it. It works great even in the heat of summer when I am in the garden all day.


I've bought, been gifted, and even got to make my products courtesy of Green Goddess and I'm absolutely IN LOVE! My son as well gets the opportunity to use all NATURAL products (diaper salve, baby powder, whipped baby shea butter, even a milk bath!) He smells delicious as well as is always moisturized and rash-free! Green Goddess has inspired me to begin searching for ways to make my own cleaners even! Thanks, GG!

Meghan Girard

I bought Liger balm at the Farmers Market in Peace River this past weekend and oh my gosh!! Amazing!! Works so much better than the tiger balm I was using! Usually if I apply tiger balm I have to reapply the next day as the pains don't go away.. and I applied the Liger Balm once!!! And I felt instant relief!! Did not need to reapply!! Amazing! Thank you!

Ashley Nicole Muller

For me the Green Goddess is the best. I will tell you why because every product she makes is researched and done with love with the good of people. I thank my lucky stars for having her in my life. I can not say enough good about her. She is a beautiful soul. Keep up the good work.

Suzanne Lambert

I ordered the Emerald Dragon Sugar Scrub and matching Fruits of the Woods Body Butter for my boyfriend. He has now sampled your products and asked me to order the dragon scrub and body butter for himself! I was surprised - even men love your products!!! Keep up the awesome work ❤