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Women's Face Masks
Women's Face Masks
Women's Face Masks

Women's Face Masks

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Universal-fit based on categories Petite / Medium / Large / Extra Large

Up-cycled materials

Infuse with a respiratory support blend like Purify #1, Purify #2, or Deep Breath for additional protection. Simply add 2 to 3 drops to the mask: top, bottom, and sides. Let sit for 1 minute before wearing, or store in a sealed bag for use later. This allows the aroma to disperse before wearing.

*These blends are not safe for kid's masks. Please use Rosalina as an alternative.

Please note:

Due to the contagious nature of COVID-19, we will not be accepting returns or exchanges on face masks. If for some reason, you change your mind or you don't like the fit, our best advice would be to wash in hot water after you've tried it on, dry thoroughly, and pass it on or donate it to someone in need of one. 

These masks are being made with love out of up-cycled materials, so unfortunately the patterns and colours are limited and we can only offer a choice in size, but not colour or style. 

Lastly, requirements for the standards of handmade masks are changing on the daily, so please be aware that this may be a limited version/style of fit. 

Wearing handmade face masks during COVID-19:

The following information is based on recommendations from the Government of Canada.

Wearing a face mask does not protect you from getting COVID-19, it protects others around you from being exposed to your respiratory droplets or from contaminating surfaces that they may come into contact with, like sneezing on a grocery cart handle. 

If you choose to wear a face mask while running essential errands only, it is to reduce the chances of someone else coming into contact with your respiratory droplets and does not replace physical distancing or proper hand-washing as the best defense against spreading the virus. 

It is important to note that proper care must be taken when using a cloth face mask.

Directions for proper use:

  • Wash your hands before putting this mask on.
  • For it to work effectively, your mask should be snug, with no gaping or pulling. 
  • If you touch your mask, you must wash your hands immediately after.
  • Avoid touching your face / mask / eyes, etc while wearing. 
  • Remove your mask by touching the strings by your ears, avoid touching the mask.
  • Wash your hands properly immediately after removal.
  • Discard your soiled mask safely by washing immediately in hot water, or by putting it in a sealed bag or bin until it can be laundered properly.
  • Do not let your mask get too moist. Change your mask once damp.
  • Use only for running essential errands to protect those around you.
  • Assume the virus has infected your mask and treat it as such, do not leave it laying around, etc.
  • Do not use it on children under the age of 2 as it does restrict breathing.