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About The Green Goddess


At The Green Goddess, we are so deeply passionate about providing women with products that are nourishing, luxurious, and representative of their inherent beauty and worth, while also being ethically sourced, plant based, and safe to use.


Our products are non-toxic, preservative-free, and cruelty-free. Great care is taken to respect nature's resources when we are handcrafting our products. Our goal is to always use ingredients as organically and locally as possible, which sometimes means foraging and wildcrafting our own herbs. 
When that is not possible due to our northern Alberta location, we then source ingredients from responsible organizations whose values align with ours and whose focus is on supporting and raising women and their families up and out of poverty on a global scale.

A Goddess Was Born

Once upon a time in a small town cosmetics aisle, Sarah Keates went looking for her trusty blue bottle of makeup remover. Then something happened for the first time...she took a look at the ingredients list to see what in fact made the liquid blue. A list of confusing and icky sounding chemicals followed.
There were no smart phones at this time, so Sarah wrote down the ingredients she didn't recognize on a piece of paper to take home and investigate further. In that instance, The Green Goddess was born.
Outraged by the toxicity of ingredients that are permitted to be in our cosmetics and bath products, she endeavoured on a lifelong quest of education and service to provide women with bath and beauty products that are safe to use on themselves and their children.

Evolution of a Goddess

As The Green Goddess continues to grow, we would like nothing more than to keep creating products that women can feel great about using on themselves and their entire family.