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Red Death Menstrual Cramp Tea

Red Death Menstrual Cramp Tea

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When the Curse of the Red Death calls you to battle, be prepared! Your victory is ensured with this almighty tea as your secret weapon against cramps, bloating, back pain and general moontime misery.


*Roses, *Vitex, *Lady's Mantle, *Cinnamon, *Nettles, *Cleavers & *Crampbark.


60 g


Add a generous teaspoon of herb mix to one cup of boiling water. Steep covered for a minimum of 10 minutes. Sweeten with honey if desired and drink up! Each bag contains at least 60 teaspoons of herb for 60 cups!

GG Tip:

As soon as you feel menstrual woes coming on, steep yourself a strong cup of this tea. I am always amazed at how lightning fast it takes away my cramps and general discomfort. I have suffered with horrible cramps since my first cycle and this tea has been nothing short of a miracle for me!

GG Tip #2:

Always cover your tea! You do not want any of the volatile medicine evaporating into the atmosphere before you've drank it in.

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