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Spring: A Journey of Awakening

There's no feeling on Earth quite like it.


A fresh and vibrant new energy sweeps the land, awakening all forms of life that lay in its path. The promise of new beginnings has arrived just in the nick of time; our weary minds have reached their limits, and we crave a different experience. Light has finally conquered the dark, and with it, the life force energy inherent in creatures both big and small begins to flow once again, yearning for renewal, revival, rebirth. Every living thing on Earth is aching to burst into life. And so, we do.


Because, by golly, it's SPRING!


I am sure the season brings joy to many, but I dare say the anticipation for spring's arrival is no more pronounced than in the world's Northern Hemispheres, like here in the Peace River Region.


For us Northern folk, after six long months or more of intense winter - come the end - it can feel like we've been trapped in a real-life snow globe, forgotten in a cold, dark room. Send in the troops!


Sprinkle in a blizzard of COVID lockdowns and restrictions to add a whole new depth of hardships to an already-challenging winter season, and you can see how desperate the situation might have felt this past year. And sadly, for many, that was still just the tip of the iceberg. So who's feeling ready to move on to brighter days? *All hands go up*


Now more than ever, I can almost hear the collective sigh of my fellow goddesses as the sun's strength increases, brightening not only our days but our spirits, too. We did it!! We survived winter and COVID- and that is most definitely a cause for celebration!


March is a fickle and unpredictable month, though, and many of us can start to feel a bit cranky when the weather flip-flops on us. At this stage of the game, we're gung-ho for sunshine and ready to throw a few elbows to be first in line to welcome spring. I totally get that. But before we go and get all caught up in the living and doing and planning and excitement of the newfound season, might I suggest something? 



Let's pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. We've had a challenging year! In our haste to welcome spring, let's do our due diligence and bid a proper farewell to winter (and all of those heavy emotions) so that we may fully enjoy and reap the gifts that spring is here to offer us. For example, if spring represents an "awakening," let us attempt to mimic what we are about to witness in the natural world. Here are a few questions to help you along on your journey of awakening:


  • Did you grant yourself the time and space to slow down over the winter (as all of nature does), to feel refreshed when spring arrives?
  • In the quiet moments of reflection that winter granted us, did you go "within" and explore your deepest desires, wishes, dreams?
  • What hardships have you experienced this past season? Are there any lessons you can extract from those hardships that would serve you well in the future? Can you share any wisdom you might have gleaned from those experiences with others?
  • Did you plant any "seeds" inside the fertile soils of yourself that you would like to see take root and bloom this year?
  • What, if anything, has been "awakened" in you over the long, sleepy months of winter? Is there anything inside of you aching to burst into life with the arrival of spring?
  • What can you do right now, and in the coming days, to move into spring feeling refreshed, revitalized, restored?
  • What can you do to honour the winter months (however hard they may have been) and say farewell to them in a way that feels good to you? How can you release winter's hold on you (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally) once and for all?
  • How can you best move forward and welcome spring with open arms, ready to give the season your very best? 


I have found that altering my diet to replace the heavier, warming "comfort" meals of winter with more fresh, raw, "living" foods has helped change my body's energy. I am actively trying to "lighten" my diet and utilize fresh juices, smoothies, more salads, and plenty of herbs and medicinal mushrooms as we move into spring - anything to give me a "boost" and connect me with the energy of this joyous season!



To complement a dietary shift, now would be an excellent time to incorporate enemas, colonics, massage, body brushing, daily exercise, or other lymph-loving techniques to "move" any stagnant energy in our systems and "clean" us out.

Book that massage or energy treatment today to usher in the springtime feel-goods! Start moving your body every day in a way that feels good to you, and buy yourself a firm body brush to use every single day first thing in the morning.


Dry body brushing has become a favourite daily ritual for me to encourage my lymphatic system's movement (not to mention giving me the softest skin of my life!). Still, I have found the act of deep "mechanical" exfoliation (thoroughly scrubbing the skin with a sugar or sea salt scrub) to be wonderfully refreshing and therapeutic not only to my skin but also to my psyche. There is something magical in literally scrubbing away or sloughing off not only dry, dead skin cells but also the energy of a season.

Of course, I must recommend our very own Mother of Dragons Sugar & Sea Salt Body Scrub for this purpose! It comes in three beautiful aromas and colours to choose from, and I know you will love it.


For refreshing and polishing the skin on the face (which is more delicate) use our gentle Mermaid Sands Cleansing Grains



Some essential oils to reach for this time of year to promote the system's energy and movement are citrus oils like grapefruit and lemon and other classic detoxifying oils like juniper berry and sage. Rosemary is excellent for stimulating circulation. I like to give myself a massage with these oils (diluted safely in a light carrier oil) after I body brush. *luxurious*


And what better way to honour the impending season than to connect with nature? After a long, hard winter cooped up indoors, there is no better medicine for the soul than to interact with Mother Nature. Go out for a walk and take notice of the new sounds and sights of the season: the birds chirping, the trees coming to life, the water flowing, the grass poking out underfoot, the way the sun feels on your face. Feel your sanity and peace of mind come back with these simple endeavours. 


Take some time to savour these last precious moments for yourself. Before you know it, we'll be burning the candle at both ends, caught up in summer plans doing yard work, gardening, mowing, camping, fishing, playing, living, loving, adventuring. Now is the time to sneak in a bit of self-care and make peace with winter, thereby welcoming and fully embracing spring with open arms and fully-charged batteries.


So goddesses, no matter the "weather" that winter dealt you this year, it is my sincerest hope that as the layers of ice begin to melt and the fresh energy of spring awakens you from your slumber, you'll find your face pointed up towards the sky, soaking in the warm and loving embrace of the season with a big smile on your face, ready to take on the awakening.


Wishing you magic and many green blessings,

xo Sarah

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