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Love Potion Tea

Love Potion Tea

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Made with enticing aphrodisiacs revered for millennia, this luxurious potion will awaken your love senses. Damiana  soothes anxious feelings and relaxes the mind and body after a stressful day. 


Lovingly crafted with *Damiana Leaf, *Roses, *Cacao Nibs & Vanilla extract.


50 g


Give the bag a gentle shake. Steep 1-2 tsp for 5 minutes. Always cover your tea when steeping to keep all of the “good stuff” in. For maximum benefits, you may even steep overnight and enjoy the next day as iced tea or rewarm for a soothing hot beverage. Sweeten if desired with honey or molasses. For deeper, long-term benefits, commit to drinking 3-4 cups daily.

Each bag contains a minimum of 60 teaspoons of loose herb.  

GG Tip: although you certainly can, in our experience, over-steeping this blend is not recommended as the tea can taste quite strong and a little bitter. Please note that Damiana Leaf contains some caffeine. 

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