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The Green Goddess Celebrates A Milestone Birthday!

April marks a special month for us here: it's The Green Goddess's birthday! 

And not just any ole birthday, but a milestone birthday. 

That's right! This little "business baby" of mine just turned ten. TEN!!

I couldn't be more proud. 

So what's it been like, being The Green Goddess, you may wonder? Let me see if I can sum up the past decade for you.

My business baby was born approximately one year before I gave birth to a real baby - and I kid you not - "birthing" The Green Goddess into the world has strangely felt, in many ways, like having a real, live, kicking, screaming, baby. She's a fiesty one with a mind of her own!

Here’s a throwback picture to when I was making products in our home in Grimshaw and doing photo shoots with one of my Goddess helpers, Gabrielle Préfontaine, in our basement:

I would argue that there are many similarities between my experiences as a Mom to both human and business babies. Having a business baby on any given day (but especially during COVID!) can be a rollercoaster of emotions, just like parenthood is! It's been up and down and all around with highs and lows that can leave your head spinning. Frankly, it's not been easy being a Mom-preneur, raising and homeschooling three children while running a business. It's overwhelming dealing with all these babies!

And just so we are clear - when we are talking about babies - I'm not referring to one of those "angel" babies you hear about, either. 

I wouldn't know about those types of babies because I've never had one.

No - I'm talking about a full-on, high-maintenance baby that has an insatiable appetite for your attention: super insecure, needs a lot of love, doesn't sleep through the night too well yet, keeps you up into the wee hours of the morning, drags you out of bed too early (and sometimes both), stresses you out physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, and makes you wonder why you ever thought procreation was a good idea in the first place - that kind of baby. 

That literally has been my experience having both human and business babies. Oyyyy!

Here's a throw back to the early business baby business cards for your enjoyment:

It's a labour of love, but you know how it goes: when you're a proud parent, it doesn't matter. You wouldn't change a single thing. You pour your whole heart and soul into that beautiful being because you are head-over-heels in love, and you can't imagine life any other way. Who would you be without any one of your babies? You can't even find the answer.

My point is that the journey, whether it involves babies or business, is challenging but, oh, so worth it. Birthing three human babies and one business baby into the world in the last decade of my life has left me feeling highs and lows like I never imagined, but what an epic ride!

And this, dear Goddesses, is where I must express my gratitude to you. After all, without you - the one reading this blog post right now - I would feel so utterly lost. Who would I be if I hadn't birthed The Green Goddess into the world? I don't even know! I don't want to fathom life any other way.

Because of your kind support over the last decade, you have given me a gift that I am eternally grateful for. You have granted me the ability to pour forth all the love that I have into this baby of mine. And by doing so, I can then serve my community in a way that feels beautiful, authentic and natural to me. By allowing me to follow my life's purpose and passion, a beautiful reciprocity has happened where I (hopefully) have added value to your lives, too. What a team we make! 

Without you, I also wouldn't have sold any of these early stage products. Look at that packaging and home-printed labels! 


So what do the next ten years look like? 

So far, observing how The Green Goddess has grown from infancy to toddlerhood and to now be growing into a beautiful young being of ten years old, well, it's been a beautiful sight to behold! I can't wait to see how this baby of mine grows over the next ten years. She started out kicking and screaming, and has been a difficult “baby” at times, but with love and commitment, my hunch is that she will grow into something magical and magnificent, as all of our babies do.  

So I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for ten years of your support. I'm honoured and grateful, and look forward to the next ten years together!


xo Sarah


Ok one last blast from the past for you. This is a sign I made for when one of my Goddess Helpers was attending a Farmer’s Market in my place:

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  • Congratulations and Happy 10th Birthday! We’ve been blessed to have had you through the past 10 years,and look forward to what the next 10 years will bring!!

    Donna Spiller

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