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Who's your momma?

Get great Mother's Day ideas right here! What kind of momma do you have?

Goddess of Change - For The Fighter Momma
She’s a crusader, fighting for better, healthier cafeteria food, eco-friendly alternatives, she’s an activist for the special needs of her child and yours. Her morals and ethics drive her and she makes the world a better place.

Gift her with support and boost her strength with the Sacred Sage toner, Wise Dragon of the Woods Sugar Scrub, Women of the Woods Body Butter and Naked Kiss Lip Balm. She will love that the Green Goddess sources ethically made and Fair Trade ingredients!

Goddess of the Wind - For The Free Spirit Momma
She listens to the song of the winds and follows them fearlessly down paths to adventure. She collects flowers and herbs to press and dry, she steps around fairy rings and will always take you down the path least travelled.

She will love Lakshmi’s Garland Champa Perfume Roller which will keep her grounded, the multi-purpose uses of Cerridwen’s Secret Salve are essential for her, and a naturally coloured Goddess Lip Tint will delight her.
Goddess of the Earth - This Momma Is A Strong Pillar
The world would crumble without these moms. They remember to bring bake sale goodies and kindly give you some when you forget, they go on field trips with extra snacks and Band-Aids, they shop with a list and can fix a flat tire like nobody’s business.

Gift them with their grounding element with Song of the Woods Patchouli Body Butter, Calm Peace essential oil blend, a Goddess Lip Tint for her pulled together look and a Guardian Spirit Cocoa Butter Bar for her purse.
Goddess of Fire - The Passionate Momma
You know her: she is passionate about making a difference in her community. She will organize the bottle drive to send kids to camp, walk dogs at the local shelter, run, walk, swim, paddle - you name it - for a cause.

Help her keep that flame burning! Gift her with Flora’s Grove toner to start her day with a fresh squeeze of orange, Aphrodite’s Blessing Facial Elixir to keep her hydrated through all of her activities and the Invigorated Goddess essential oil blend to keep the pep in her step.

Goddess of the Water - Go With The Flow Momma
You have no idea how this momma does it! She flows around adversity with such ease. She gets to the point at PTA meetings and gets everyone to agree, doesn’t get frazzled when the dog eats the birthday cake and makes a popsicle and cookie station instead, she helps out other moms at the grocery store by getting their toddlers having tantrums to smile and get up.

Gift her with a collection that puts her right in her element: Salacia’s Salts Bath Salts, Mermaid Sands Cleansing Grains and Lady of the Lake Bath Melts.

Goddess of the Heart - For the Momma That Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve
No matter what your woes, she will fix you the perfect cup of tea and make you feel better. She will take in lost kittens, fill her bird feeders all year and remind you to be kind to the earth. Her heart has an endless capacity for love and compassion regardless of how jaded some around her may be. She chooses kindness above all things.

For this gentle heart, gift her with balancing Twin Bloom toner, Aphrodite’s Blessing Facial Elixir to honour her smile lines, Naked Kiss Lip Balm for all the ouchies she kisses away and Guardian Spirit Cocoa Butter Bar for the hands she touches lives with.