2022 Workshops

The Green Goddess Workshops

Lacto-Fermentation Workshop

Wednesday October 5th from 7pm-9pm 

Join The Green Goddess at her acreage studio with special guest Kristina Peters, a nutrition consultant, to explore the fascinating world of lacto-fermented foods.
This ancient technique of food preservation is not only safe, simple, and delicious - it is also seeing a resurgence in popularity for its abundant health benefits, which we will further discover in this fun and educational class.
Tickle your tastebuds by sampling a variety of lacto-fermented foods including “Bubbie’s-style” cucumber pickles, spicy chipotle pickles, dilly beans, cherry & basil tomatoes, tomato salsa, traditional sauerkraut, and a modern-day beautiful twist on sauerkraut!
In this hands-on class, you will also participate in preparing a delicious and unique sauerkraut recipe with some fun and tasty additions from the garden to take home with you!
Tried and true recipes will be included to encourage participants to continue their fermented foods journey at home.
Email Sarah to book your spot:
Please note that prepayment via Etransfer will be required to reserve your seat. Once confirmed, I will send you detailed directions to our acreage studio, which is located approximately 20 minutes from Peace River towards the village of Nampa.
Cost: $42.00 (includes GST) 

Aromatherapy Wellness Roller Workshop

Friday October 7th from 7pm-9pm 

Join The Green Goddess at her beautiful acreage studio for a fun evening of handcrafting custom made aromatherapy wellness rollers!
Dive nose first into our extensive collection of 70+ pure essential oils to create a unique blend for you or someone special in your life. Whether for pure enjoyment or for the purpose of providing therapeutic support emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, or otherwise - there’s an oil for that!
In this workshop, you will make and take home 3 aromatherapy wellness rollers packaged in reusable 10ml amber glass bottles. Your options are truly endless as roller blends can be made for stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, brain fog, calming, energizing, digestive complaints, behavioural issues, pain, headaches, and more.
This is the perfect class to bring your child with you for an aroma play date or invite a girlfriend along for some crafty fun. Please feel welcome to bring your own recipes or your favourite essential oil blends (perhaps one that’s been discontinued) from other companies that you might like to recreate! We will also have recipes and books on hand to refer to for common issues.
We’ll also cover additional topics like:
✔️ how to use essential oils safely
✔️ the best options for safely diluting your roller blend for all ages or members of your family
✔️ the right and wrong way to diffuse oils in your home
✔️ perfumery basics and how to create a harmonizing aroma blend
✔️ tips and tools on how to maximize the therapeutic benefits of essential oils
The cost of this workshop is $63 per person and includes all materials to make and take home 3 wellness rollers. Additional rollers can be made for $20 each plus tax.
Prepayment is required to reserve a seat. Please email sarah@iamthegreengoddess.com to enquire if space is available and to Etransfer. 

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out!